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General Questions

Is Kalendra really free?
Yes. The basic free version of Kalendra offers an incredible variety of fun and cool features which will appeal to everyone. There are a few advanced features (i.e. text-to-speech engine, export/synchronize data with Outlook, automatic daily online data backup, etc.) which require a nominal Premium membership fee, but these advanced features will not be necessary for most people to enjoy and use Kalendra. There is no trial version or time limit as the basic version of Kalendra will always remain totally free.

Do I need an Internet connection to use Kalendra?
You should be connected to the Internet the very first time you start up Kalendra in order to complete the initial registration process. Subsequently, you can use Kalendra offline. However, in order to use Kalendra Instant Messaging and Instant Email, you should be online so that Kalendra can detect which of your friends are online as well. This is the same way popular messaging programs like Skype work as well.

Is there a time limitation if I buy a photo theme pack?
No. All of our theme packs are perpetual theme packs with no time limitations whatsoever.

Can I use Kalendra with several photo theme packs?
Absolutely. Kalendra can load multiple photo theme packs and allows you to easily switch between them at any time.

Does Kalendra support Windows Vista?

Kalendra is fantastic! Does you have an online version?
Yes. Go to http://www.kalendra.com (you can log in with either email or username). You can import your Outlook data into the desktop version and upload/download/synchronize with the online version (great when travelling). Check out the cool sharing features:

  • Easily create shared calendars for your family and/or coworkers
  • Easily create a private/shared diary with conversational-style dynamic updates
  • Easily create group photo themes (using Flickr or your own images) together with your friends

    Helpful Tips

  • After installing the software and starting it up for the first time, import your calendar data and emails from Outlook/Outlook Express. You can also easily import your address book contacts from the major webmail sites as well.
  • Go to Email View and set up your email accounts. Simply click on the "New Mail" button and have Kalendra import your current email accounts from Outlook/Outlook Express (or other program depending on your situation). For security reasons, you will need to re-confirm your password for each email account.
  • Invite your friends and professional contacts to download and install Kalendra by clicking on the "Add Friends" button on the main toolbar. Kalendra supports all the major webmail sites and social networks, so you can easily notify your friends on MySpace, Facebook, LinkedIn, Hi5, etc. Two very good reasons to do this are the fact that once your friends are using Kalendra, the auto-updating Address Book feature will keep your friends' contact profiles (email, phone, address, etc.) dynamically updated constantly in your Address Book should they make changes to their contact details. Also, you will be able to exchange instant emails with your friends using the "Instant Email" button in Email View. Kalendra's has a full-featured dual-mode instant email client which is 100% compatible with ALL existing email systems, programs, protocols, and webmail sites. If your friends are using Kalendra, then by pressing the "Instant Email" button, Kalendra will initiate a Peer-to-Peer (P2P) connection and send the (encrypted) email directly from your PC/laptop to your friend's PC/laptop instantly. No more server delays and you retain full control over your email privacy with no copies of your email permanently stored on public servers.
  • You can easily start an Instant Messaging (chat) session with a friend or colleague by pressing "Ctrl + I" and selecting an online contact from your Address Book. Your IM session will be automatically stored for later reference (and search) under the "IM Messages" folder in Email View.
  • Add your favorite RSS feeds by either going to "Tools => RSS Reader" or right-clicking your mouse cursor over the "RSS Feeds" folder in Email View.
  • The easiest way to create an event in Day View is to simply click once on the desired timeslot and simply start typing. After you create your event, you can double-click on it to edit it.
  • Change dates while in Day View and notice how the Sample Theme Pack photo changes. The default rotation setting is "Daily" and you can change it to other settings ranging from minutes to weekly. You can easily create additional Theme Packs by adding your own photos and videos and afterwards selecting the Theme Pack to display by pressing the "Theme Packs" button on the main toolbar. If a video happens to load up, it will play right there in the Theme Pack image window on the right-hand side. You can click on it to re-play it at any time.
  • Go to the Photo Album section and click on the very first (left-most) button on the toolbar to have the program automatically search your (selected) directory (and sub-directories) for photos/videos and create appropriate albums. If you right-click your mouse over a photo or video, there will be a drop-down list of options whereby you can label, rotate, move, or save the photo/video. You can also play the video right there in its original window position. If you double-click on a photo or video, it will expand the image to single-frame enlarged display mode. Pressing "Esc" returns you back to the normal Photo Album View. You can also send the selected photo/video or entire album to a friend or family relative by simply entering their email address (or selecting their name from the Address Book). If your friend or relative is not yet using Kalendra, an email will be sent to them asking them to download Kalendra. Upon doing so, the program will automatically download the album. If your friend or relative is already using Kalendar and you both happen to be online, then Kalendra will initiate a direct Peer-to-Peer (P2P) connection and the photo/video album will be sent in real-time. You can also press "Ctrl+I" to initiate optional instant messaging sessions to coordinate the transfer.
  • You can easily customize your own photo/video theme packs by choosing your favorite Flickr photos and YouTube videos. To search photos on Flickr, select "Theme Packs => Customize Flickr" from the main toolbar. To search videos on YouTube, select "Theme Packs => Add Video Channels".
  • To quickly switch between different views, press "Alt+D" (Day View), "Alt+W" (Week View), etc.
  • To quickly switch/toggle between different Theme Packs, press "Ctrl + T".
  • Go to Week View and press "Ctrl+2", "Ctrl+3", "Ctrl+4", "Ctrl+5", "Ctrl+6" to toggle between the different Week View Styles. To return to the default style, press "Ctrl+1".
  • Most of the calendar sections have 2 styles which you can toggle back and forth by pressing "Ctrl+1" and "Ctrl+2".
  • Go to the Notes section, add a couple of text notes, and record a voice note as well. Label the voice note for easy search retrieval later on. Click on the voice note to play it back.
  • Go to the Diary section, enter a diary entry, and also record a voice diary entry. Also label the diary voice entry for easy search retrieval.
  • Do you use Skype/Skypeout? In the Address Book section, create a new contact and notice the round green phone icon next to the "Home => Phone/Mobile" and "Business => Phone/Mobile" fields. Enter phone numbers in these fields using the full international country code (i.e. +1 800 555 1212 for a United States number). Go to the Diary section, enter a diary entry, and also record a voice diary entry. Also label the diary voice entry for easy search retrieval. Then you can click on the appropriate round green phone icon next to your desired contact's number to automatically make the call using Skype/Skypeout. If you wish to record your conversation, set the loudspeaker on your PC/laptop to "On" and start the built-in voice recorder by pressing "Recorder => Note Recording" from the main toolbar and then on the "Record" button. Your Skype phone conversation will be saved as a voice file in the Notes View, which you can subsequently label for easy search later on. You can also save the sound file to your hard drive by right-clicking your mouse over the voice note and selecting "Delete". Very useful during negotiation sessions, technical support calls, and conversations with relatives living far away.
  • Now go to the Find section, where you will be able to search the entire Kalendra database - including text events, Notes & Diary text/voice notes, and Photo Album labels. This is an easy way to locate a particular Notes/Diary section text entry, voice notes, or particular photo or video.
  • You can easily set Birthday (and other) reminders by going to "Tools => Options => Birthdays".
  • Invoke the To-Do List in Day View or Notes View by toggling/pressing "Ctrl + E".
  • Send a surprise photogram/videogram to your friends and colleagues by selecting "Send => Send Photogram" or "Send => Send Videogram". You can enclose a photo/video, record a voice greeting, and set it to be automatically delivered on a future date (such as your friend's birthday). Send one to yourself as a test (quite fun!).
  • Have Kalendra wake you up with your favorite song(s). Set the Alarm Clock by selecting "New => Alarm Clock Event" and select a favorite song as your sound file. Remember to set your desired alarm time and to check the "Enable Alarm Clock" checkbox to activate your alarm. The Snooze function will play the sound file 3 times at 10 minute intervals (which you can adjust) and you can turn off the alarm when it goes off by pressing "Ctrl + Shift + O".
  • You can easily minimize/maximize the Kalendra program window by pressing "Ctrl + M". A very convenient way to (quickly toggle) display the program to check out a scheduled appointment and then to quickly hide it without having to use the mouse.

    Calendar Help

    How do I import my data from Outlook?:

  • To import your calendar data, choose "File => Import => Import from Outlook".
  • To import your emails, choose "File => Import => Import Emails..." and choose either Outlook or Outlook Express, depending on your situation. Be sure to have Outlook closed during the Import process.

    How do I import my addresses/contacts from the major webmail/networking sites (GMail, Hotmail, Yahoo, AOL, LinkedIn, etc.)?
    Choose "File => Import => Import Address Book from Web..." and choose the appropriate option.

    How do I recommend Kalendra to my friends on MySpace or Facebook?
    Click on the "Add Friends" button on the main toolbar and select the appropriate social network by pressing the "MySpace/Friendster/Hi5/Facebook..." button. You can easily send a recommendation to all of your friends at once or just select the ones you wish to invite.

    How do I recommend Kalendra to my professional network on LinkedIn or Xing?
    Click on the "Add Friends" button on the main toolbar and you will notice 2 buttons labeled "Add friends from Webmail" and "MySpace/Friendster/Hi5/Facebook...". To recommend Kalendra to your contacts on LinkedIn, select the "Add friends from Webmail" button and check the "LinkedIn" option to log into your LinkedIn account. To notify your contacts on Xing, select the "MySpace/Friendster/Hi5/Facebook..." button and choose "Xing" from the drop-down list to log into your Xing account.

    How does the auto-updating Address Book feature work?
    Click on the "Add Friends" button in the main program toolbar to send invitations to your friends to install and use Kalendra. Then click on the "Addresses" button and on the "Import" button to import your friends' contact details into your Address Book. Anytime thereafter whenever your friends update their own contact details (i.e. email, phone, address, etc.), Kalendra will automatically update their contact profiles in your Address Book. A very easy and painless way to keep track of your friends and professional contacts as they progress in their careers and change jobs.

    How do I change display Styles?

  • Day View, Work Week View, Month View, Year View all have 2 display Styles. For instance, to switch to Day View Style 2, you can choose "View => Day View = Style 2" or simply press the hotkey combination "Ctrl + 2" while in Day View. Pressing "Ctrl + 1" would return you back to Style 1. Similarly, you can use the same hotkey combinations to switch between both styles while in the other Views.
  • There are 6 display styles in Week View, which you can select from the "View => Week View => Style 1/2/3/4/5/6" options or simply press the hotkey combinations "Ctrl + 1", "Ctrl + 2", "Ctrl + 3", "Ctrl + 4", "Ctrl + 5", "Ctrl + 6".

    How do I change the time format to a 24-hour clock?
    While in Day View, hold the mouse cursor over the left-hand timescale and select "Time Format => 24h"

    How do I use the Alarm Clock?
    Select "New => Alarm Clock Event" from the main toolbar. In the resulting pop-up panel, select the "Enable Alarm Clock" checkbox, set the alarm time, and select a sound you wish to use as your alarm. You may also enter some text if you wish to have Kalendra read it out loud using the (Premium) text-to-speech engine. A fun way to use the alarm is to select a favorite song to wake up to. You can vary the Snooze option, which is set to play the designated sound file 3 times at 10 minute intervals. To turn off the alarm, you can press "Ctrl + Shift + A".

    How can I easily create Photo/Video Albums and watch them in Theme Pack Mode?
    Click on the "Photo Albums" button on the main toolbar and then on the "Auto-Create" (first) button. You will be asked to select a directory on your hard drive. Kalendra will then automatically catalog/search the selected directory for photo/video files and automatically create your photo/video album. If you select the "C:" drive, then Kalendra will automatically catalog all of your directories and subdirectories and create photo albums for your various directories containing photos/videos. You can then browse through your photo/video albums right there in the Photo Album View. However, if you wish to view your Photo/Video Albums in Theme Pack Mode, simply click on the "Day" button on the main toolbar to go to Day View and select your desired Photo Album from the "Theme Packs" (main toolbar) button drop-down list. Your Photo Album will automatically load up and display the initial image/movie. You can press the "Theme Packs" button to select other Photo Albums or easily toggle through the various options by pressing "Ctrl + T".

    How do I create Photo/Video Themepacks?
    Choose "Tools => Create Photo Theme Pack", enter a name for your Photo Theme Pack, add your family photos and videos along with the desired captions and click on the "Create Theme Pack" button. Kalendra will create your theme pack and load it up automatically in Day View. When you change dates, the photos/videos will rotate automatically.

    How do I modify a Photo/Video Themepacks that I've already created?
    Choose "Tools => Select Photo Theme Pack", select the Photo Theme Pack you wish to modify, make the appropriate modifications, and click on the "OK" button. Kalendra will load up the selected Photo Theme Pack in Day View.

    How do I change the Theme Pack image rotation rate?
    The default Theme Pack image rotation rate is daily so your Theme Pack image will change whenever you change dates. However, you can easily change the rotation timeframe by moving your mouse cursor over the Theme Pack image window, right-click "Theme Pack Rotation" and select the desired new rotation schedule (can rotate images as often as every 5 seconds).

    How do I replay a video in the Theme Pack display window in Day View?
    Simply click once directly on the video image to replay it. While it is playing, you can click on it to pause it and/or to continue playing it.

    How do I send photograms/videograms to my friends?
    Select "Send => Send Photogram" or "Send => Videogram" from the main toolbar.

    How do I send photos/videos and photo albums to my friends?
    Select "Send => Photos/Albums" from the main toolbar.

    How do I bookmark my favorite locations in the Global Atlas?
    Click on "Atlas" and on the "Customize Maps" button. In the resulting pop-up customization panel, navigate to a favorite map location and click on "Add as new location".

    How can I share/synchronize my calendar with my friends?
    Select "Send => Send Calendar" and then select a friend from your Address Book or enter their email address.

    How do I create voice notes?
    Click on the "Recorder" button in the main toolbar and choose the appropriate option.

    How do I create Birthday reminders?
    Select "Tools => Options => Birthdays" and on the "Create" button to create a Birthday reminder event. You can also create reminders for any other occasion here as well.

    How do I use the To-Do Lists?
    While in Day View or Notes View, press "Ctrl + E" to toggle/expand/close the To-Do List window.

    How do I import my calendar data from Google Calendar?
    Select "File => Import from Google Calendar".

    How do I integrate Skype/Skypeout with my Address Book?
    Kalendra automatically works with Skype/SkypeOut. If you select an Address Book contact and click on "Properties", you will notice a round green phone icon next to the "Home => Phone/Mobile" and "Business => Phone/Mobile" fields. Simply enter phone numbers in these fields using the full country code prefix (i.e. +1 800 555 1212 for United States) and you can subsequently click on the round green phone icon next to any contact profile number to automatically invoke Skypeout to call that number. If you wish to record that call as a voice file, put your PC/laptop's speaker on and select "Recorder => Note Recording" to record your Skype phone conversation as a replayable voice file, which you can subsequently save to your hard drive.

    How do I password-protect my calendar data?
    Choose "File => Modify => Calendar Password" and enter a desired password for your current calendar data file. You can subsequently modify or cancel that password using that same option.

    How do I create another calendar data file?
    Choose "File => New => Calendar File" and enter a desired name for your new calendar data file. You can subsequently switch between your calendar files by going to "File => Open => Calendar File".

    How do I search for photos on Flickr?
    Select "Theme Packs => Customize Flickr" from the main toolbar. You can easily search for your favorite photos in the resulting pop-up panel and create custom photo theme packs.

    How do I search for videos on YouTube?
    Select "Theme Packs => Add Video Chanels" from the main toolbar. You can search for interesting videos, create custom video (theme pack) channels, and import your favorite YouTube videos.

    How can I back up my calendar data?
    There are several ways Kalendra can back up your data:

  • Each time you exit Kalendra (File => Exit), a copy of your calendar/notes/address book data is automatically stored as "backup.kbf" in the "C:/Program Folders => Kalendra" directory. You can also manually backup and restore your data to/from this file by selecting the "File => Backup and Restore => (Backup/Restore from Backup) options.
  • An emergency duplicate backup copy of "backup.kbf" is also stored simultaneously in the "C:/Documents and Settings/Username/Application Data/Kalendra/Backup" directory. You can restore your data from this emergency backup file by pressing the hotkey combination letters "Shift + Ctrl + R". Useful if you have accidentally deleted your data or just installed a newer Kalendra version and want to instantly restore your data.
  • You can export your calendar data as an XML file by choosing "File => Export => Export Calendar to XML".
  • Finally, Kalendra offers you the option to back up your calendar/notes/address book data to our permanent online cloud storage service (subscription fee required). This is an automatic daily backup that occurs in the background and can simply be activated with a subscription. Very convenient and the ultimate worry-free option, especially if your PC's hard drive suddenly crashes or it gets stolen. You can restore your data from the cloud at any time by choosing "File => Backup and Restore => Restore from online backup".

    How do I perform automatic daily backups of my calendar data to your online cloud storage service?
    Choose "Tools => Manage Online Backup...", select the "Send backup for online storage on Kalendra server" checkbox, and select the backup frequency (default is daily). You must upgrade to Kalendra Premium Version in order to utilize the automatic daily online data backup function.

    Instant Email Help

    What is Kalendra Instant Email?
    Kalendra Instant Email is an innovative full-featured dual-mode email client which is 100% compatible with ALL existing email systems, programs, protocols, and webmail sites. You can use Kalendra Instant Email just as you would use Outlook or Outlook Express to send emails to anyone. However, if the person you are sending the email to happens to be using Kalendra, then your email will be sent instantly and directly to that person.

    How does Kalendra Instant Email work?
    Kalendra uses Peer-to-Peer (P2P) technology to send your emails directly from your PC/laptop to the recipient's PC/laptop.

    What are the advantages of Kalendra Instant Email?

  • No more email server delays. With conventional email, there can often be email server delays of several hours or more. Ever been in a situation where you were expecting an important email and it got delayed? Well, with Kalendra Instant Email, your email gets sent directly to the recipient's PC/laptop (and vice-versa), so you get your email instantly.
  • Maximize privacy. Conventional email systems relay your email across several intermediate public servers, often keeping a copy of your email on these servers. For instance, Google GMail keeps a permanent copy of your emails on their servers. Kalendra Instant Email sends your emails directly to the recipient's PC/laptop, so you retain full control and privacy over who gets access to your sensitive email. Have you ever wished to send your credit card details by email to confirm an online order but were afraid to do so? Well, with Kalendra Instant Email, your email is encrypted and sent directly using P2P technology directly to the recipient - much safer than conventional email. Ideal for businesses, industries, and situations where confidentiality and secrecy are very important (i.e. investment banking, hedge funds, private equity firms, sending confidential business proposals, negotiations, etc.)
  • Minimize spam. By inviting your friends and professional colleagues to use Kalendra, you can effectively create your own private instant email network which will minimize spam.

    Will Kalendra Instant Email work with existing email systems?
    Absolutely! You can send email to anyone in the world as Kalendra Instant Email is compatible with ALL email systems, programs, protocols, and webmail sites. However, if the person you are sending an email to happens to be using Kalendra as well, then your email will be sent directly from your PC/laptop to their PC/laptop instantly!

    How do I send an Instant Email?
    In the Email View, click on "Instant Email", select an online recipient from the Address Book, and send your email instantly to that person.

    What happens if the recipient is using Kalendra but is offline. Will my Instant Email get "lost"?
    No. If the person you are sending an email to is not using Kalendra or is temporarily offline, then Kalendra will intelligently detect this and send your email as a normal protocol email. You can always see in your Address Book which contacts/recipients are online at any given time.

    How do I use the Kalendra Instant Messaging (IM) chat system?
    Simply press the hotkey combination "Ctrl + N" to bring up the Kalendra IM window, select an online recipient from the Address Book, and start your IM chat session. Your chat sessions will be stored under the "IM Messages" folder inside the Email "Folders" panel for subsequent reference. This is useful if you are having an IM conversation with a technical support person or sales person and wish to reference it later. Financial firms will appreciate this IM logging feature (and the ability to search your IM conversations subsequently)

    Does Kalendra store IM chat sessions?
    Yes. This will allow you to reference or search for a particular chat session/thread.

    How do I search for a particular email or IM chat thread?
    Click on the "Find" button in the main toolbar and enter your desired search term in the "Look for:" field. To narrow your search to just Emails or IM chat threads, click on the "Advanced Database Search" (second) button, select the "Emails" or "IM Messages" category, and enter your desired search term.

    How do I use the Kalendra RSS Reader?
    You can select "Tools => RSS Reader" or else go to Email View and right-click your mouse cursor over the "RSS Feeds" folder to add your favorite RSS feed urls.


    I cannot send Gmail from within Kalendra. What is the problem?
    Go to "Tools => Email Accounts", select your Gmail email account and click on "Properties". Then click on the "Advanced" tab. Under "Server port numbers", please check to make sure your server port number settings are as follows:

    Outgoing mail (SMTP): 465
    Incoming mail (POP3): 995

    Especially check as the default SMTP setting might be 25 and should be changed to 465. All checkboxes on this tab page should also be checked.

    I am using Windows Vista and Kalendra will not start up. What is the problem?
    Some versions of Windows Vista are missing the DHTML Editing Control file which is normally supplied with all Windows XP installations. The problem is described here:

    The fix is to download & run the following patch (346 KB):

    Kalendra should subsequently start up on Vista.

    How do I activate the emergency data restore option?
    Press "Shift + Ctrl + R".

    How do I restore my Calendar entries?
    Press "Shift + Ctrl + C".

    How do I restore my Email Accounts?
    Press "Shift + Ctrl + E".

    How do I restore my Notes entries?
    Press "Shift + Ctrl + N".

    How do I restore my Address Book entries?
    Press "Shift + Ctrl + A".

    How can I recover my data in case my hard drive crashes or laptop is stolen?
    You can upgrade to Kalendra Premium Version, which will enable Kalendra to perform automatic daily (permanent) online backups of your valuable (encrypted) calendar/email data to our permanent cloud servers (with triple global redundancy). If your hard drive crashes or laptop is stolen, all you have to do is re-install Kalendra on your new hard drive and invoke a simple Restore-from-online-backup option to easily recover your data. This will give you permanent ultimate protection and peace of mind!

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